Netflix explains why they are canceling so many series


Netflix seems to be canceling the series with a bang, but there is an explanation.

A few hours after proposing to you our review of The Liberator on Netflix , we take a closer look at this giant of VOD and one of the reputations that sticks to its skin: its mania to cancel its original productions after one or 2 seasons. Netflix does it really cancel more series than the others? Bela Bajaria, Global Head of TV, and co-CEO Ted Sarandos explained that things are not as simple, and that “if we watch series that have 2 or more seasons, Netflix has a renewal of 17%, which is in the TV industry average “.

The OA, canceled after 2 seasons – Credit (s): netflix

“We also launch a lot of first he series seasons, so sometimes it gives the impression that we cancel a lot of series after only one season, but if we look at the renewal rate, it is very high “. Bela Bajaria and Ted Sarandos also pointed out that Netflix also has a lot of long series , such as The Crown – whose season 4 is coming out this 15 November -, Grace & Frankie or Orange is the New Black . The streaming service offers miniseries as well as multi-season series, a model that should therefore continue. While waiting to know which unfortunate will be the next one canceled,

Netflix recently purchased the rights to a spy series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger .

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