Netflix is ​​about to add an option that will change the lives of its subscribers


Good news for Netflix users!

A few days after you were offered to discover the list of films and series to watch in December on Netflix , this time we are announcing an option that has landed and which could prove to be rather useful. We indeed know what happens on the platform at the beginning of each month, but it is more difficult to know what who will disappear from Netflix and leave us frustrated that we couldn't watch the movie we wanted or finish the series we started. This will change as Netflix is ​​in the process of implementing an option that will warn the viewer that the program he / she is watching will soon be leaving the platform.

Soon a new option on Netflix – Credit (s): Unsplash This may interest you : The Flash season 7: The titles of the first 5 episodes unveiled, here's what they tell us.

Yes, nothing is eternal and the rights of films and series are only acquired momentarily by streaming services. If it is possible to renew them to extend their presence on the platform, there necessarily comes a time when the content disappears – either to come back later or to be available on another streaming service. Netflix will therefore let you know if the program you are watching will soon no longer be available, an option that will allow you to watch certain content as a priority. Setting up on the US service, we can hope that this option will soon be implemented internationally. While waiting to find out,

Netflix recently explained why they cancel as many series.


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