New Gods: Will the story be faithful to the original comics?


Ava DuVernay reassures her fans about the story of New Gods: we know if she will be faithful to the original comics!

The story of Will New Gods be faithful to the original comics? While on the side of Marvel, a new leak offers us a better overview of Eternal , the equivalent of the DC gods, Ava DuVernay's project remains very mysterious. It must be said that the Warner Bros. has several movies and series in the works that grab all the attention of the public, like The Batman , Wonder Woman 100 or the Snyder's Cut of Justice League . Fortunately, some enthusiasts regularly seek Ava DuVernay, the director of New Gods , to ask him for news of this team of Super hero ! Is there something going on with New Gods that you might be able to announce? “asked Greg Pearlman, a Fandomize editor, on Twitter.

“This surreal year gave us the time to dig even more. We enjoyed digging into Jack Kirby's mind and thoughts with Tom King “says Ava DuVernay in response. This summary statement gives us two clues. The first is that the film is still at a very early stage of production. Fans are going to have to cheat their brains, because these superheroes are not ready to land on the big screen! The second is that the filmmaker is determined to ensure that these characters are as faithful as possible to the description made by their author, the brilliant Jack Kirby.

Excellent news for all the purists of DC Comics! This does not mean that

New Gods can beat Marvel's The Eternals in theaters , but it's still a good sign.

New Gods

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