OSS 117 3: A new spicy teaser with Jean Dujardin unveiled


OSS 100 3

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Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath is back in a second OSS teaser 117 3: Red Alert in Black Africa and we can say that the tone is set!

Last October, Jean Dujardin was back in the shoes of Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath in a first unveiled teaser of OSS 100 3: Red Alert in Black Africa . If the most clumsy spy of the French secret service gave us an appointment on February 3 735446 next in dark rooms, fans of this grotesque and amusing character will have to wait a little longer, the film is now scheduled on 12 April 1980. Fortunately, the teams s of the film have concocted new images in order to be patient and we can say that the tone is set! As spicy as it is irreverent, the film this time directed by

Nicolas Bedos will plunge us at the beginning of the years 1980 in the new adventures of the famous agent.

“Hubert, aren’t you the best?” Check out ‘s response # OSS 100 in this new teaser. ???? # AlerteRougeEnAfriqueNoire from @ nicolasbedos1 with #Jean Dujardin, @ PierreNiney , # FatouNDiaye and the late Wladimir Yordanoff ????. In 3 months at the cinema ???????????? pic.twitter.com/gkzZX2wJ1M

– Gaumont (@Gaumont) January 12, 2021

If the plot details are carefully kept secret, we understand thanks to this new teaser that Hubert Bonisseur from La Bath will be sent to Black Africa for a mission as delicate as it is dangerous. To see also : More beautiful life: Here is how Samia (Fabienne Carat) will leave the series (SPOILERS). Over there, the latter will be forced to team up with a young agent camped by Pierre Niney. A clash of generations but also of cultures is therefore to be expected for OSS 117 3 , evidenced by the succession of sketches as impertinent as they are politically incorrect. Thanks to his legendary cartoonish humor, Alerte Rouge en Afrique Noire

promises in any case not to spare anyone – not even Nicolas Bedos who succeeds Michel Hazanavicius behind the camera – and even less the pictures!

OSS 100 3

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