Outlander: Did Claire have an affair with Joe Abernathy?


Claire was very close to Joe Abernathy when he returned to th century. Did the two surgeons have an affair in Outlander?

In the Season Finale of Season 2 of Outlander , Claire Fraser was forced to return to th century, crossing the Stones, by her husband Jamie. She reluctantly made the decision when they failed to change the story and Claire got pregnant. The Battle of Culloden was about to happen and upon returning to the future, Claire was convinced that Jamie was dead. During their separate years, a lot has happened with the two characters leading very different lives. Claire reunited with her first husband, Frank, and they both lovingly raised Brianna. For his part, Jamie remarried in Laoghaire and had an illegitimate son with another woman. But fans are wondering … Did Claire have an affair with Joe Abernathy when she returned to 20 th century in Outlander ?

A beautiful friendship ! – Credit (s): Starz On the same subject : Marvel Studios: Vision, one of the MCU & amp; apos; s most successful characters?

Claire and Frank stayed together for the sake of their daughter Brianna but it was just appearances in Outlander . Claire gave Frank her tacit approval to have relationships with other women if he was discreet. For her part, she seemed to be completely devoted to her medical career, attending classes while raising Brianna. She eventually became a surgeon, one of the few women to do so in the years 768 . Claire shared her office with her colleague Abernathy and the two were very close. He even knew about Jamie … Joe was there for Claire when Frank died in a car crash, offering her moral support as she cried. However, Joe and Claire's relationship was platonic with no trace of romance and just professional respect and admiration for each other . The writers even refused the idea of ​​bringing them together in the series. It's a beautiful friendship that Claire could count on. While waiting to learn more about the sequel, find out how old Brianna was in Outlander.

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