Outlander: Did Jamie try to join Claire in the future?


If Claire has traveled twice in the past, has Jamie tried to join the woman he loves in the future after the battle from Culloden?

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Outlander's history was when Jamie Fraser referred Claire to her time in the Season Finale of Season 2. He did this to keep her safe. Claire was pregnant and the Battle of Culloden was fast approaching. The Highlander knew he would fight for his country and against Black Jack Rendall and he was sure he would lose his life in that fight. However, miraculously, Jamie made it out alive. After that, the couple were separated for almost two decades before Claire returned to the past. But then, after surviving the Battle of Culloden, did Jamie try to find the woman he he liked in the future, crossing the Stones?

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Going back to its time, to the 20th century century, Claire thought Jamie was dead in battle, which is why she did not go back in time. The minute she regained her existence in Outlander , twenty years later, she rushed to find the man of her life. But what about Jamie? He knew where she was and could have tried to join her to tell her that he had survived! The main explanation why Jamie probably didn't do this is that his character doesn't seem able to travel the world. future …

In the episode 12 of season 2 of Outlander , he had touched the Stones but nothing had happened product. Moreover, unlike Claire, he does not hear the buzzing …

Jamie doesn't mind traveling in Outlander and therefore can't time travel!

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