Outlander season 6: After Frank and Jamie, will Claire remarry?


If Claire married Frank in the 20th century and Jamie in the 18th century, will she have another husband in the next seasons of Outlander?

The love story between Claire and Jamie Fraser, in Outlander , is one of the most beautiful on the small screen. Their relationship has stood the test of time and transports us through time. However, before knowing Jamie Fraser, Claire was married to Frank Rendall in the 20th century. This man meant a lot to her, and when she returned to her time at the Battle of Culloden, she remained by his side for twenty years. Frank raised Brianna as his daughter, until the day she died. Claire then re-crossed the Stones to find the man of her life, Jamie. Even though her love for Jamie was stronger than anything, she still kept her two wedding rings, on each of her ring fingers. But then, besides Frank and Jamie, will Claire have another husband in Outlander ?

Lord John Gray, Claire's third husband – Credit (s): Starz On the same subject : Marvel Studios: Are all eight series in development connected to past and future MCU films?

Well the answer is yes! Claire is going to marry another man in Outlander . Warning, the rest of this article contains spoilers. Diana Gabaldon's novels are much more advanced and readers are already familiar with the rest of the adventures of Claire and Jamie. In volume 8, the Frasers will face new tragedies. While they were back in Scotland, at Lallybroch's estate for Ian's funeral, Claire was forced to return to Philadelphia in an emergency. Jamie later joins her with Jenny, but the boat is wrecked and will have no survivors … Claire, thinking to be a widow, takes refuge with Fergus and takes part in his espionage activities. While she is about to be arrested, Jamie's best friend, Lord John Gray, offers to marry him in order to protect her … And Claire will accept! John Gray will therefore be Claire's third husband 4289105 in the Outlander saga. It will not be a marriage based on love!

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