Outlander season 6: did Jamie love another woman than Claire?


Claire and Jamie are an amazing couple in Outlander … But did Brianna's father love other women than the one who shares his life in Fraser Ridge?

The love story between Claire and Jamie Fraser excites Outlander fans. Their love is stronger than anything and this couple makes us vibrate. Faced with all the hardships they've been through, they've always managed to get up even stronger, thanks to this incredible connection. If Claire had another husband before meeting Jamie, in her time in the 20th century, and had affection for him, Brianna's father has always been the man of her life. Yet (beware of spoilers), she should remarry in the next seasons of Outlander , if the series follows Diana's novels Gabaldon. But on Jamie's side, did he like other women besides Claire in Outlander ?

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Outlander fans will recall that when Jamie Fraser and Claire first met in season one, the love wasn't immediate. They had to get married due to the threat to Claire's life from Black Jack Randall. Love came later but they were forced to separate for years during the Battle of Culloden. Claire and therefore returned to the future, to Frank, while Jamie had a few adventures and even remarried in Laoghaire … But is- he fell in love again during these intermittent years? Despite all of these relationships, Jamie never seemed to really love another woman. And when Claire came back to the past, he confessed it too. In Season 3 of Outlander , Claire asked to Jamie if he had ever fallen in love with someone else, to which he replied, “ No. No, Sassernach. never loved anyone but you. ” What a declaration of love!

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