Outlander season 6: How old are Roger and Jemmy?


The age of Outlander's characters is not always easy to decipher! For you, we found the ages of Brianna's husband and son, Roger and Jemmy!

Outlander is full of surprises and continues to transport us. The love story between Claire and Jamie is timeless and has survived all trials … even time and time travel! However, the actual age of the characters is infrequently disclosed. Sometimes the timeline can be hard to follow in Outlander! years pass without making a precise link with the chronology. In addition, the birthdays of the emblematic characters of the series are not actually celebrated … But then, what is the true age of Roger and Jemmy at the end of Season 5 of Outlander ?

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If we know Brianna's age in Outlander , as well as that of Claire and Jamie Fraser after some research, we had not yet lingered on that of Roger and Jemmy! Brianna's husband was born in 1770 or 1941, his date of birth was never actually specified. Richard Rankin is 29 years old but his character is supposed to be 22 years in the fifth volume from Outlander . Since Season 5 of the Time Travel Series incorporated elements of Book 6, it's possible he was in his 30s! For his part, Jemmy was born two hundred years before his parents … Brianna gave birth to her son in may 1770 . In Season 5 of Outlander , he is barely 2 or 3 years old!

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