Outlander season 6: who is the real father of Jemmy, the son of Brianna?


Jemmy's fatherhood has always been a mystery in Outlander. But then, who of Roger or Bonnet is the real father of Brianna's child?

Brianna's arrival in the past was punctuated by many traumatic events in Outlander . Shortly after losing her virginity to Roger, she was raped by Stephen Bonnet when she arrived in the years 768. She got pregnant, but was unable to say who the real father of her child was. When Roger arrived at Fraser’s Ridge, he vowed to raise Jemmy as his own, regardless of his background. However, some fans have since wondered if the novel saga Outlander had already revealed who was the biological father from Jemmy and it seems that we have indeed an answer!

Attention, the rest of this article contains spoilers on Outlander !

Roger is Jemmy's father! – Credit (s): Starz

The true paternity of Jemmy was clarified in the book A Breath of Snow and Ashe from Outlander . In Diana Gabaldon's novel, Jemmy's head is shaved after catching lice, revealing a unique birthmark on his scalp … Claire Fraser confirms it's genetic, which leads Roger to shave his head as well. head. He has the same birthmark on his head, happily confirming that Jemmy is in fact his biological son.

In addition, the best-selling author confirmed this information on Twitter when a fan asked her the question. She had simply replied: “Of course he has it!”. This is great news for the Fraser family and fans of the show. While waiting to learn more, find out at when the filming of this season 6 of Outlander will start.

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