Outlander season 6: Why does Claire continue to wear Frank's wedding ring?


Until season 5 of Outlander, Claire had two men in her life. If she loved Jamie deeply, she always refused to withdraw Frank's wedding ring and here is the reason!

The love story between Claire and Jamie from Outlander is one of the strongest on the small screen. The Fraser couple transport fans with their incredible chemistry. The sparks were always there, even after all the hardships they went through and their separation for more than twenty years. However, in the first season of Outlander , it was not won. Claire, a nurse of the 20th century, was already married to Frank Rendall, whom she loved deeply. After crossing the Stones, she was forced to marry Jamie for her safety, and the duo gradually fell in love. Besides, a question burns our lips … Why did Claire always keep Frank's wedding ring when she was head over heels in love with Jamie in Outlander?

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Throughout of Outlander , Claire was seen wearing both of her wedding rings – both when she married her second husband Jamie and when she came back in the future and went reconciled with Frank Randall … Claire firmly refused to remove Frank's golden wedding ring after traveling through time. Once again, when Claire returned through the stones to the 20 th century, Frank did not question the two rings. Outlander executive producer Toni Graphia opened up about the rings and why Claire kept them both. “ Both men are very strong men to be able to say: 'I know you love someone else and you have a piece of it on your hand'”, he said. she started before continuing: “Because it is a testament to Claire and the depth of her feelings that she says to herself: 'I do not take away either so that one of you can feel better because if you love me you have to accept the part of me that loved someone else deeply. ' Or she would be a superficial person . ” 4291522 This shows that Claire always loved Frank in her own way in Outlander.

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