Outlander: Those things about Jamie that really annoy fans


If Jamie Fraser has everything of the perfect man who capsizes all hearts, he has a few flaws that particularly annoy fans of the Outlander series!

Outlander is THE event series that unleashes all passions. The love story between Claire and Jamie Fraser transports us and the duo have an incredible chemistry. Moreover, for Sam Heughan, the success of Outlander is based on the beautiful bond he has with his co-star, Caitriona Balfe . One thing is certain, is that the fans are impatiently awaiting Season 6 of Outlander , but we will have to be patient since the next episodes could be broadcast .. that in 768. To make time seem a little shorter, here's a little recap on those things at Jamie Fraser that annoy Outlander fans , despite his perfect tunes!

Too good to be true

Too perfect ? – Credit (s): starz

Jamie Fraser capsizes many hearts and has a multitude of qualities … Besides , there are some things about Jamie Fraser that sound too good to be true, like his perfect teeth when this character is supposed to live at th century and not have a dentist on hand. Plus, when he sleeps he's always smiling and fans start to question the reality of all of his qualities!


Taken to the extreme! – Credit (s): starz

Despite all his sometimes annoying qualities, he remains a human (fictitious) and he still has some flaws! Yes we have to find it … like for example its overprotective side. Jamie believes in a husband who takes care of his wife, and when it comes to Claire, he has no limits. As the series progresses, this protective zeal is replaced by overprotective abuse. He watches Claire's every move, he tells her what to do, he shows that he doesn't trust her alone and thinks she needs his protection all the time. For some Outlander Poussé à l'extrême ! fans , it's too much !

His criminal side

A criminal past – Credit (s): starz

Jamie doesn't do everything ethically, and it isn't always with fan approval. When Jamie started working as a printer in Edinburgh, it was with the intention of covering up an illegal contraband business. He was smuggling goods across the country – and it's an outright crime. This is not the first (or the only) crime he has committed …

His abuse of Claire

Not so heroic .. . – Credit (s): starz

As sweet as it looks,

Jamie Fraser definitely has a tougher side in Outlander. Sometimes he treats Claire harshly and he's physically abusive in some scenes. He whips her with a belt in the early days of their relationship and u He uses his size and strength against her on several other occasions. While many fans like to excuse this with the fact that physical punishment was the norm back then, it's definitely something that goes against him as a romantic hero.

Abandoning his son

Un père absentUn père absent

An absent father – Credit (s): Starz

For a large number of fans of the romantic series, one of Jamie's most unforgivable things was abandoning his son William . His apparent indifference to his third child, Willie, is difficult for those who love him to accept …