Peaky Blinders season 6: This detail about the Shelbys that we only notice after watching the series


The most devoted Peaky Blinders fans have made some discoveries.

While we wait until the airing of season 6 of Peaky Blinders, who will also be the last despite a season 7 initially planned, we do not thank the coronavirus, some fans take the opportunity to redo the whole series and have noticed something interesting. If it seems obvious when we know it, it is only by having a global vision of Steven Knight’s series that we can really realize the balance between the good and bad that is felt more and more as the episodes go by , whether in the storylines, or on the Shelby clan.

Le clan Shelby Le clan Shelby

The Shelby Clan – Credit (s): bbc See the article : The Handmaid & apos; s Tale season 4: These photos from the set give huge spoilers on June's fate and the end of the series.

In the first season of Peaky Blinders , the Shelbys are already on the side of illegality but the gravity of their crimes remains relative. By accumulating power, the stakes inevitably become more serious and the further we advance in the series, the more difficult it is to find a justification for their crimes. And if, for the moment, they have not been too bothered by the police – once again everything is relative – we can clearly see that karma is hitting them back for suddenly what they do to their enemies . The more serious their crimes, the more serious the tragedies they endure.

Le clan Shelby Tommy est-il maudit ?

Is Tommy cursed? – Credit (s): bbc

Tommy Shelby and his siblings pay for their actions, even if it is anything other than prison sentences or financial bills. Deaths of their loved ones, betrayals, traps … As we advance in the series, the black veil that was already hovering over Tommy seems to fly lower and lower and lower. ‘expand to more and more heads , so that it starts to brush against all Shelbys. A kind of turnaround that allows this antihero to still attract our sympathy – 4364566 Tommy is part of favorite series characters of melty readers – despite all his crimes. A new proof of the subtlety of the series which, decidedly, will have reserved surprises for us until the end.

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