Pirates of the Caribbean franchise star believes Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) must be in the cast


One of Johnny Depp's co-stars is at 23% in favor of its return in the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean!

One of the stars of Hackers Caribbean is convinced that Johnny Depp, supposedly excluded from the franchise by Disney , must absolutely be in the casting of the sequel! Kevin McNally, who played Joshamee Gibbs in all the films of the saga, says that the famous captain of the Black Pearl should appear in the next episode. While on the set of The Respondent podcast, he spoke to his colleague Greg Ellis (Theodore Groves) about the return of Jack Sparrow in the sequel. According to him, it would be “ criminal “to throw away what he has accumulated during the last five stages .

He adds that the actor has created a “ modern legend “thanks to his interpretation of the famous pirate !

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow – Credit (s): Disney

“'Yes' is the simple answer to this question. My feelings on this subject are very complex because, in a sense, it felt a bit like The franchise itself had run a bit too long, so a reboot is a reasonable idea. I don't think a reboot of the saga, if you focus on younger characters, should still exclude Jack Sparrow “ explains Kevin McNally, who believes that the new film, even with new characters, shouldn't rule out an appearance or cameo by Johnny Depp . However, the general opinion , although the Captain of the Black Pearl is a definite asset of the franchise, he has become a parody of himself in the last few episodes, and has little more to add to the plot. not prevented

fans from starting a petition for the Johnny Depp returns as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean !

Credits: Source: The Respondent

Pirates of the Caribbean

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