Pirates of the Caribbean: The end of piracy at the heart of future films?


Could the pirates of the Disney franchise come up against a more realistic foe in the next movies?

So than a female reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean worn by Margot Robbie would be currently in preparation , many fans are wondering about the future of the Disney-driven franchise. It is true that between remake, sequel and spin-off, there is something to get lost, the saga now floating in murky waters. However, one of the ways to rekindle interest around this one would be to offer him an antagonist of choice. A spring that could be used to restore the image of the franchise, the last films having suffered from mixed critical success. In this context, future projects could thus make the British East India Company the next enemy of the pirates .

Cutler Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. – Credit (s): Disney

Introduced through the character of Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander), this trade association has often been used in the background of the plot, the films Pirates of the Caribbean focusing more on the adventures of Jack Sparrow ( Johnny Depp ) in the face of terrifying antagonists such as Barbossa or Davy Jones. If making the British East India Company the next adversary of the Disney filibusters may seem surprising, its presence in the heart of the scenario could above all mean the abolition of piracy

. A surprising theme which would however allow a return to the sources of the franchise, the introduction of an enemy as vile and perverse as Beckett as well as a realistic epilogue for the adventures of Jack Sparrow and his friends. However,

remains to be seen whether such a project could see the day with Johnny Depp, his dismissal of Fantastic Beasts 3 that could also impact his return as the famous pirate …

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