Pirates of the Caribbean: What hidden role does Captain Hook (Peter Pan) have in the franchise?


The villainous Captain Hook from Peter Pan is entitled to a cameo in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, could he be part of the plot of the next movie?

If the future of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the next film Pirates of the Caribbean is uncertain , can we wait to reunite with one of the franchise's biggest villains with Mickey Mouse ears? Indeed, so few people had noticed, Captain Hook (Hook in the original language) has a hidden role in the movies Pirates of the Caribbean ! Don Rafael and Edward Teague (Jack Sparrow's father) have mentioned his name on several occasions, perhaps to tease the emergence of a future crossover.

When the two pirates talk about him, they are referring to an old friend named James, who has been missing for many years and grafted a hook to his wrist after losing his hand. See the article : Batman Begins: This bizarre incident happened on the set of the movie. They do not omit to specify that it is extremely scary for children, a fact that we could observe in the cartoon Peter Pan. Is it plausible to find it in the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean ?

Captain Hook – Credit (s): Disney

If Captain Hook has been missing for many years, it may be because he is on the Neverland Island – a magical place that never gets old. Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, you could very well imagine seeing the characters from the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean go to the mysterious island. As we know, time has stood still on Neverland. If the pirates remain stuck there for a long time, we suspect that this will have disastrous consequences on their world. ..

For now, we do not know at all if Disney will move towards a crossover of the so, but it could be interesting to stage the connection of these two universes! It remains to be seen

if piracy will always be the thread Pirates of the Caribbean within the future section …