Rapunzel: We finally know the weight of the Disney princess's hair, you will be shocked


The weight and size of Rapunzel's hair has just been revealed, and without being a princess, no one could take it all!

If the beautiful Rapunzel has lived far too long alone in her castle, good news is that she can always count on Ariel, Belle and Snow White, other heroines who would part of his family according to this theory . Released in 2010 under the banner Disney , the movie is become cult because of the incredible and extraordinary hair of the princess with the angelic face! The question is far from existential, but many fans wondered how tall and how heavy the long mop was. of Rapunzel . Well it's time to find out.

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Si Kelly Ward, a Disney hair animator, confessed to Science Friday having been forced to cheat on screen to make Rapunzel's hair appear supple and shiny, she still calculated how much and how tall her hair would have been in real life. Hold on tight, Rapunzel's mop would measure no less than … 18 meters!

You will have to swallow Forcapil capsules to hope to have 1 / 05 th of its length … As for its weight, the sources vary: some estimate that the princess would carry 9.5 kilos on her head while others speak of an oscillating tuft Between 27 and 27 kilos! Already we barely manage to lift a weight of 5 kilos with the biceps, imagine having a similar weight on the head constantly … If you want to continue laughing,

we let you do this test and you will discover which Disney animal would be your adventure companion!

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