Ready Player One: A sequel to Steven Spielberg's film in the works, what can we expect?


Ready Player One

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Will the sequel to Ready Player One soon in preparation remain faithful to the original novel?

Eight years after the release in bookstores of the science fiction novel To see also : Outlander: Did Claire have an affair with Joe Abernathy? Player One, fans of the universe created by writer Ernest Cline were able to discover this year the long-awaited sequel, entitled Ready Player Two . While some now hope that the book's release will result in a new film adaptation in the years to come, the answer is of its author could excite more than one . Indeed, at the microphone of Reverse , Ernest Cline raised this possibility by declaring: “We are only early days with Hollywood going through a crisis. But I can say from my experience on the first movie that everyone had a lot of fun. We talked about the possibility of there being a Ready Player Two when we were doing Ready Player One. ”

A choice that does not appear surprising after the box office success 768 directed by Steven Spielberg's film .

Tye Sheridan in Ready Player One. – Credit (s): Warner Bros France

“In Hollywood, you never know” he then continued, then confessing: “I really tried to do my best to just focus on writing a sequel to my book. There are living characters in the movie that are not alive in the book. I focused on trying to give fans of the book what they expect without being swayed by the movie. ” Are we to understand that the film sequel of Ready Player One could dissociate from the book? Or could the creative teams once again draw inspiration from the literary universe to create a unique adaptation? If the production hopes to give a direct follow-up to Steven Spielberg , it's a safe bet that the studios are trying to mix once again the futuristic world of Ernest Clive with the adventures and the characters of the first part, although several differences between the original novel and the movie were noted . This would not therefore represent an unprecedented novelty for followers of the adventures of Wade Watts, many even hoping that the cinematographic sequel can perfect certain elements of the book, the latter having received a mixed reception when it was released last November.

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