Riverdale season 5: episode 7, Archie recruits volunteer firefighters in the promo video


While episode 6 of season 5 of Riverdale aired on the CW, it is now time to check out the promo video for the episode 7 titled “Fire in the Sky”.

Last night, Episode 6 of Season 5 of Riverdale was full of twists and turns. If a couple seems to have formed, a another has moved away. Yep, Betty and Archie have once again succumbed to temptation and they no longer hide their feelings. For her part, Veronica made a big decision, she packed her husband’s suitcases, who had come to pay her a little visit in Riverdale, and sent him back to New York. In addition, last night’s episode ended with two sacred twists. First of all Betty and Alice discovered a corpse in the forest, following in Polly’s footsteps … Is this character dead? Additionally, Archie and Jughead found themselves trapped by lazy people circling their home. Will they be hurt? The promo video for episode 7 of season 5 of Riverdale offers us a little preview!

Tensions between Toni and Cheryl! – Credit (s): The CW To see also : Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: episode 5, the death of a doctor teased in the promo video.

You can already be reassured, Jughead and Archie will come out unscathed in this episode 7 of season 5 of

Riverdale , as revealed in the promo video. Moreover, the synopsis of “Fire in the Sky” tells us that by following in the footsteps of his grandfather Artie, Archie will begin to recruit volunteer firefighters in Riverdale. Toni’s attempt to lure Cheryl out of Thornhill and return to everyday life in Riverdale will lead to more tension between the two. Elsewhere, Betty, Alice, and Kevin’s latest investigation will bring them into conflict with Hiram. Finally, as Veronica comes up with a risky plan to support local businesses in Riverdale, Jughead and Tabitha will begin to unravel an old mystery surrounding strange sightings in the city. This episode 7 of

season 5 of Riverdale promises to be thrilling but we will have to wait until 03 March to discover it on our screens!

Riverdale season 5

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