Riverdale season 5: Veronica and Jughead as a couple after the time jump?


Season 5 of Riverdale is still full of mysteries, especially regarding romantic relationships. Is it possible that Veronica and Jughead are in a relationship after the timejump?

Season 5 of Riverdale promises to be thrilling and should be fine different from what we have known! The teens of Riverdale High will have grown into young adults after the seven year time jump and one wonders what the new life of Archie and his gang could be like! Why are they going to meet again after all these years? Will the high school-educated couples we've seen evolve over four seasons of Riverdale still be relevant? Unless a few surprises await us … Is it possible that Jughead and Veronica are a couple in season 5 from Riverdale ?

Veronica and Jughead as a couple? – Credit (s): The CW

After the betrayal of Betty and Jughead in season 4 of Riverdale , fans wonder … is it possible that Veronica and Jughead end up together? Ronnie had already kissed F.P's son in his jacuzzi in revenge for a kiss exchanged between Bughed. While this theory might be tempting, it shouldn't happen! If season 5 of Riverdale is still quite mysterious, we already know that after the time jump , Veronica will be married and Jughead will have a new girfriend

… so Vughed shouldn't be happening, at unless they have a passionate affair when they meet again! While waiting to learn more, find out if

a special Halloween episode is expected in season 5 of Riverdale.