Riverdale season 5: will Betty become a murderer?


Season 5 of Riverdale promises to impress us and twists are to be expected … Will Betty become a murderer? A clue sows doubt!

Season 5 of Riverdale promises to be particularly intense and dark … The first three episodes will end the years high school from our Riverdale students and drama will be on the cards. Like the trailer for this season 5 of Riverdale proved it to us, Veronica is going to find out the truth about Archie and Betty. The couples should therefore explode during the prom of Riverdale High. In addition, murders will also be part of these next episodes. If one character appears to have committed suicide, others could die at the hands of our heroes. Besides, is it possible that Betty will become a murderer in this season 5 of Riverdale ?

Such a dark side! – Credit (s): the cw This may interest you : The Resident season 4: will Nick and Conrad have a child?

The trailer of this season 5 of Riverdale gave us a nice glimpse of what to expect. In a particularly nerve-racking moment, Betty is shown with a gun, ready to go.

Will she commit the irreparable after the time jump? Betty has always had a dark side to her. The young woman had even researched if she had the DNA of a killer … and it seems so. Besides, don't forget that her father was the Black Hood, a terrible serial killer … Will she follow in Hal's footsteps? Possible! Anyway, this trailer of this Riverdale season 5 seems to teaser an even darker future for Betty!