Robert Pattinson, Mila Kunis, Rachel McAdams … all these actors lied to get a role


The end justifies the means!

You thought you were the only person in the world to have tweaked a CV to be promoted by a recruiter? Nay … Even the most popular actors and actresses in cinema have been there. See the article : The trophy of the greatest seriesevore is yours if you find the names of these series characters. To land roles that they really wanted, or to get out of the galley, many actors have lied about their skills or their studies! Certainly, this is no This is no reason to copy them, but at least it should reassure you that Hollywood stars are people like everyone else – well, almost. Not yet convinced? The proof with the five actors below!

Rachel McAdams in À la Merveille


When an actress really wants to work with her favorite director, she will stop at nothing! Rachel McAdams, for example, was desperate to work with Terrence Malick. On the same subject : Shang-Chi: The movie linked to a Marvel Studios series? So when he offered her the role of Jane in À la Merveille , on the condition that she loves horses and has no problem working with them, she lied, saying that she loved horses. Except that they scare her, and that she is allergic … My first day of shooting, j was in the middle of a corral with 18 horses that had never been touched by humans before. It's like when people ask you if you can ride a horse for a medieval movie – you think you can You get away with it. And that's what I kind of did! “she told the Guardian. Hats off!

Anne Hathaway in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain

The Secret of Brokeback Mountain To see also : Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually, The Grinch … Which Christmas movie is right for you?

Same scenario for Anne Hathaway, who did not hesitate to release a big mytho to Ang Lee to land the role of Lureen in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain

! “ When I left the audition, the last thing Ang said to me was, 'Oh, by the way, you know ride a horse ?' My parents have given me a lot of gifts in my life, and one of them is: if you are ever asked if you can do something, say yes. You can learn everything in two weeks if you are enough motivated. I had never ridden a horse and I replied: 'Oh yes, I am a very good rider'. So I knew that I I had to learn to ride a horse, and I got really, really, really good “she confessed to Out. Cheeky!

George Clooney for a movie that was not made (!)

George Clooney

It's hard to believe that George Clooney was once desperate, but it is reality. At the time, living on odd jobs, the actor was ready to give it all. Read also : Matrix 4: Time travel, betrayal of his allies … Neo (Keanu Reeves) death at the heart of this new theory. He then resolved to lie during an audition! “ I remember lying to a casting director about La Féline. She said to me: 'You were in this movie?' I said yes, and she said, 'Because I did the casting.' So I ended up saying, 'I can't get into the Screen Actors Guild. Help me! ' She helped me get a job on a movie called The Predator. The movie never came out. But I got my Screen Actors card Guild “revealed the star.

Robert Pattinson (in general)

Robert Pattinson dans Harry PotterLe Secret de Brokeback Mountain Robert Pattinson dans Harry Potter

Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter – Credit (s): Warner Bros This may interest you : Game of Thrones: 3 things about Jon Snow you absolutely should know.

You probably didn't know it, but Robert Pattinson is a complete liar! Before getting the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter , he had struggling to find work. The British actor then claimed to have attended the famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to expand his CV … When he did not prefer to pass himself off as an American in the castings where he was surrounded by too many other British actors, in order to stand out! When Twilight came out, I still tried to pretend to be American but people thought I was crazy so I quit “he told the Daily Mirror . Still happy !

Mila Kunis in That '50 s Show

Jackie Burkhart Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain Jackie Burkhart

Jackie Burkhart
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