Ross and Rachel, Damon and Elena, Jaime and Brienne … These series character kisses have been the most anticipated on television


You too when you saw them did you say “FINALLY”?

We love series but clearly sometimes, There is abuse on the side of the writers who make us wait for a long time before FINALLY concretizing the relationships of certain characters. Even if they don't always happen in the series at the same time (like Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead) , or we know that they've already had sex offscreen (like Brittany and Santana from Glee) , we still had to wait for a good moment having to see some couples kissing on the screen. Examples.

Magnus and Alec – Shadowhunters (12 episodes)

The first fuck of “Malec” – Credit (s): freeform Read also : The Good Doctor season 4: Morgan and Park will they end up as a couple?

Eve and Villanelle – Killing Eve (12 episodes)

Eve and Villanelle fight and kiss – Credit (s): bbc, amc

Ross and Rachel – Friends (41 episodes)

Ross and Rachel's first kiss – Credit (s): nbc

Root and Shaw – Person of Interest (31 episodes)

Shaw sacrifices himself and kisses Root – Credit (s): cbs

Felicity and Oliver – Arrow (41 episodes)

Oliver and Felicity finally together – Credit (s): the cw

Rick and Michonne – The Walking Dead (52 episodes)

The first kiss of “Richonne” – Credit (s): amc This may interest you : Men In Black: That Amazing Star Wars Reference Everyone Missed.

Fitz and Simmons – Agents of SHIELD (45 episodes)

FitzSimmo ns finally together – Credit (s): abc

Elena and Damon – The Vampire Diaries (52 episodes)

Damon and Elena together – Credit (s): the cw Read also : The Walking Dead season 11: we have the perfect intro for the final season of the series.

Brienne et Jaime – Game of Thrones ( 54 episodes)

Jaime et Brienne – Credit (s): hbo On the same subject : The Vampire Diaries: Why did this character never reappear after his death?

Brittany and Santana – Glee (87 episodes)

Brittana – Credit (s): fox

Lorelai and Luke – Gilmore Girls (57 episodes)

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