Sex Education season 3: Otis very close to Olivia on these first photos of the set


Will a new couple be born in season 3 of Sex Education?

Good news for fans of the Netflix series! After digesting the unexpected departure of one of the key characters of season 2 of Sex Education , they finally have the chance to have a preview of the next episodes. And for good reason, the first photos of the shoot have just been unveiled on Twitter. Three pictures which show Otis ( Asa Butterfield ) with Anwar, Olivia and Ruby, named as the most popular people in high school . A really surprising finding when we know that in previous seasons, the Untouchables tended to make fun of Otis by emphasizing his status as “nice looser”. So is it possible that our favorite little sex therapist has become cool?


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March 2, 100

And this is not the only detail that strikes us! Not only does Otis no longer seem to hang out with Eric, his longtime best friend, but he also seems rather close to Olivia. Indeed, on the first two photos Olivia in full discussion with Otis displays a broad smile.

While on the third shot, she shows him the contents of her smartphone as if they shared a real moment of complicity. But where did Maeve go in all of this? Is a momentary friendly break-up to be expected in the future? Too many questions are rushing around. Not to mention the surprise arrival of uniforms for high school students. A detail that did not exist in previous seasons. Proof that the new director of Moordale played by an actress of the series Girls will break the codes in season 3 of Sex Education . It promises !