Shang-Chi: Did the superhero's past at the heart of the plot belong to the Ten Rings organization?


According to the unveiled synopsis, Shang-Chi's past could come back to haunt the superhero.

Shang-Chi will debut in the MCU next year. The opportunity for fans of the Marvel universe to discover new characters in a thriller focusing in particular on the Mandarin and the organization of the Ten Rings. However, although the film has finished shooting and started post-production, the details of the script are for the most part still carefully kept under wraps. A discretion that has nevertheless been relaxed since Investor Day, the House of Ideas having revealed a short synopsis teasing Shang-Chi's future confrontation with his past. A clue about the plot that obviously makes us wonder what element of the superhero's past could resurface.

Shang-Chi in the Marvel Comics. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

The first idea that comes to mind is obviously the connection between Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings organization. Indeed, it would not be surprising that the character soon embodied by Simu Liu has in the past been part of this small group led by Le Mandarin. Being an orphan from an early age, Shang-Chi could have been recruited by the supervillain's teams to become the latter's protégé. A striking but harmful influence from which the superhero would have subsequently wanted to detach himself by integrating the MI-6, several rumors also wanting that

Shang-Chi becomes the James Bond of the MCU .

Shang-Chi in the Marvel comics facing Fin Fang Foom.

The return of the Mandarin and the threat it represents could then push the hero to face him, this being able to thus explain the teasing around the past of Shang-Chi. This would offer an unprecedented apprehension of a character tortured by his past and in full redemption, an interesting character trait for the MCU which tries over the adaptations to offer more complex protagonists. Another possibility is that Shang-Chi was part of the Ten Rings as a double agent, the superhero having ended up working for a secret organization. In any case, the fate of the superhero appears very strongly linked to the small group. While more details on the storyline will have to be waited for to see to what extent this connection will be established between the main character and his antagonist, there is no doubt that the teased clash should not be easy for Shang- Chi, unless the script here also suggests the presence of the supervillain Fin Fang Foom, at the Like these shooting photos

, the alien can come and claim the powers attributed to the superhero in the past …