Shang-Chi: The movie linked to a Marvel Studios series?



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Expected film of Phase 4 of the MCU, Shang-Chi could be linked to one of the Marvel series soon to air on Disney .

While clues about the presence of Fin Fang Foom and Michelle Yeoh's secret role in Shang-Chi have been revealed , it is now the turn of the film's connection with one of the future Marvel Studios series to be at the heart of the discussions. Indeed, it was recently announced that the character of Jacques Duquesne alias Swordsman will be featured in the show Hawkeye . Called the Sabreur in the French version, he is none other than the mentor of Clint Barton, the one who taught him to master the art of archery. In the comic books, he plays moles for the Mandarin and infiltrates the Avengers team, after being rejected by these for the first time.

Jacques Duquesne alias the Sabreur – Credit (s): Marvel Comics See the article : The Expanse season 5: A successful return aboard the Rocinante, our first impressions.

The Mandarin will not only entrust him with this espionage mission, he will also offer him a brand new enchanted sword, forged with the Ten Rings

, artifacts with powerful powers. Thus, the presence of the Sabreur could make a link with the plot of the film Shang-Chi , in which we will find the famous Ten Rings, but also the (real) Mandarin played by actor Tony Leung. This possible connection is interesting, and shows once again that the stakes of phase 4 of MCU may well expand beyond movie screens. As for the series Hawkeye , it will also have a link with Black Widow since Florence Pugh also joined the cast .

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