Spider-Man 3: According to this theory, the movie's Doctor Strange isn't the MCU's (Benedict Cumberbatch)


It could well be that Peter Parker is supported by a Doctor Strange straight from another dimension in Spider-Man 3.

Even if they only come back for simple cameos, characters from the old movies will indeed be back in Spider-Man 3 . The multiverse will bring back protagonists from several universes, which makes you wonder if it will really be the Doctor Strange that we know in the film alongside the spider-man. Indeed, if we are to believe the clue left in Spider-Man 2 by Sam Raimi, an alternate version of the Sorcerer Supreme exists in the universe of Tobey Maguire. So it's easy to imagine that another interpretation of the character could land in Spider-Man 3

, whether it is this one, that of Andrew Garfield's world or another that we do not know yet. See the article : Game of Thrones: 3 things about Jon Snow you absolutely should know.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange – Credit (s): marvel studios, disney

According to a theory of Screen Rant , Spider-Man 3 could be inspired by a comic book plot. In it, the Doctor Strange from the official timeline calls on his other versions of himself in order to ask them for backup. We could indeed see the Sorcerer Supreme summoning his disciples in Doctor Strange 2 in order to send them to the different alternate realities that require adjustments. The problem is that Peter Parker may be skeptical about the arrival of this new Sorcerer Supreme , him who was already deceived by Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home . For the time being , hard to know if it will be Doctor Strange of MCU alongside Spidey, but what is certain,

is that Phase 4 of Marvel Studios will be the one dedicated to crossovers!

Spider-Man 3

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