Spider-Man 3: Could Peter Parker also time travel?


It’s not just the multiverse that could allow Peter Parker to turn things around in Spider-Man 3.

The multiverse seems to have a very important role to play in the plot of Spider-Man 3 , which is currently filming. It must be said that at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home , the spider-man was entangled in a sacred web, and help from another reality would not be refused. Unless this famous multiverse brings more enemies like Doctor Octopus or Electro, from previous franchises on Spider-Man. Still, the MCU’s Peter Parker may have a better way to put everything back in order: time travel. Avengers Endgame has shown it well, this type of technology can solve a lot of problems and transform a disastrous situation in victory for the heroes.

Spider -Man at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney This may interest you : Lucifer season 5: is the angel Amenadiel in serious danger of death?

Mysterio not only accused Spider-Man of his murder, he also revealed the secret identity of this last. Proving your innocence is one thing, but making everyone forget that your name is Peter Parker and lives in Queens is a whole different story. Going back in time to stop Mysterio in time would allow the young hero to avoid seeing his face plastered on all the screens of New York. However, to make such a trip, he needs the right equipment. Thanks to Spider-Man Far From Home , it is now known that some of the technology used by Iron Man is accessible to Peter. He could thus find a way to recover the beacons with which the Avengers moved in time in Avengers Endgame .

Then the problem remains to be resolved particles of Pym. For this last point, he could get them on his own or ask another hero for help. However, playing with time and changing certain events could have unintended consequences. For example, if Mysterio is arrested and does not die (if the he is considered to be really dead), he could take advantage of his incarceration to mount a new blow against Spider-Man , and why not get down to the creation of the famous Sinister Six gang. The idea of ​​a new time travel, in addition to a multiverse involvement, may seem like a lot, but with 4316165 Doctor Strange also present in the cast of Spider-Man 3 , we can expect anything.

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