Spider-Man 3: Could Peter Parker Lose His Powers In The Movie?


While Peter Parker will have to face many obstacles during his next adventures, could the superhero in the spider suit on top of that lose his extraordinary abilities?

As the filming of Spider-Man 3 began, Tom Holland having shared a first photo of the production at the start of the week, many fans are watching for the slightest clue as to the film's script. Kept carefully under wraps, the plot should however introduce several alternate realities across the Multiverse or the Spider-Verse. That way, Peter Parker would have to face off against plenty of enemies starting with Electro, Jamie Foxx being back in the franchise Spiderman. However, there have been previously rumors that Kraven the Hunter is the main antagonist of the feature film while new speculation is that Ned Leeds will be the next Green Goblin.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker. On the same subject : Fantastic Beasts 3: The absence of Johnny Depp (Grindelwald) explained through magic? – Credit (s): Sony Pictures

If we will have to wait for several confirmations around the production to find out who will face Peter Parker, the latter could of even being attacked in several ways, starting with the theft of his famous suit. This wouldn't be the first time the Spider-Man universe has seen his super -hero losing his powers, the comics having already portrayed such a turnaround. However, the theft of his suit wouldn't be the only way for the spider-man to lose his powers, another possibility seeing the young man getting rid of his costume himself, a choice notably justified because of the inheritance. Stark from which he must free himself.

If this sacrifice in connection with Iron Man could be at the heart of Spider-Man 3 , we must not forget that the arrival of the various alternative dimensions could also make Peter lose his powers.

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. – Credit (s): Sony Pictures

Indeed, with the arrival of the Multiverse introduced thanks to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), it is likely that the spider-man could lose his abilities or that alternate realities present a Peter Parker who never had powers thanks to his suit. If this script element would be interesting vis-à-vis the apprehension of the character, or another possibility would be for the Multiverse to present us with a Spider-Man bitten by a radioactive spider, like what Sam Raimi had offered to the character as origin story. This version of Peter Parker could then have lost his powers in the timeline that we will be presented with. Finally, one of the next enemies of the superhero could have the ability to steal their own powers from his enemies, rendering them helpless. If this could be captivating and highlight the fallible character of Spider-Man, it is certain that the latter would have in front of him a formidable adversary, the MCU having moreover already presented super-villains capable of challenge powerful superheroes. What not to make the task easy for him during his new adventures. Fortunately, the young man can count on a strong ally with Doctor Strange!

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