Spider-Man 3: How Can Symbiotes Fit Into The Plot?


Originating from another universe, from an experiment that went wrong … Spider-Man 3 could involve the famous symbiotes in several ways.

Right now, almost all eyes of Marvel fans are on Spider-Man. The many rumors surrounding Spider-Man 3 , the latest of which predicts the return of Doctor Octopus , indeed make it a particularly intriguing film. One of the earliest plot speculations was about a crossover with Eddie Brock / Venom, which would finally introduce the symbiotes to the Spider-Man universe. While waiting to learn more about the plot of Spider-Man 3 , we therefore decided to look at the different ways in which the film could integrate this famous alien species.

A gift from Venom

In comic books, the first host of the symbiote is none other than Peter Parker. See the article : Netflix explains why they are canceling so many series. When the latter separates, the creature decides to find a new partner, and that's how she merges with Eddie Brock. Spider-Man 3 could be inspired by these origins. If Eddie Brock and Venom do point their noses into the blockbuster, they might accidentally leave part of the symbiote behind them who would then cling to Peter Parker. A possibility which has the advantage of reversing the roles compared to the comics.

An experience that goes wrong

Norman Osborn sera-t-il celui qui introduira les symbiotes dans l'univers de Spider-Man ? Le duo Eddie Brock/Venom Norman Osborn sera-t-il celui qui introduira les symbiotes dans l'univers de Spider-Man ?

Will Norman Osborn be the one to introduce the symbiotes to the Spider-Man universe? – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

Science experiments that go wrong are the essence of science fiction movies. Moreover, these are unethical tests that led to the merger between Eddie Brock and Venom. Even though Carlton Drake and the leader of the symbiotes are no longer there, there is no indication that the experiments were not continued, or even that all of the symbiotes have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Another scientist might have wanted to continue work on these aliens, leading to the potential escape of one of the specimens. What if Norman Osborn was that person? In the comics, he has indeed already crossed paths with a symbiote.

A memory of the multiverse

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man meet in Avengers Infinity War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

It's official, Doctor Strange will be in the cast of Spider-Man 3 . If he's around, we tend to think that the multiverse won't be very far either. As mentioned above, there are also many rumors that echo the return of characters from previous Spider-Man franchises, or even the possibility of a Spider-Verse. Let's say Peter Parker lands in an alternate reality in which the symbiotes are present. One of them could see in the spider-man a host of choice without the latter realizing it. Spiderman would therefore bring a symbiote back to its original universe.

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