Spider-Man 3: Multiverse, crossovers, return of old villains … how can studios avoid blunders?


Bringing together so many different characters in Spider-Man 3 might not be such a bad idea. We are looking into the matter.

The rumors may finally turn out to be true. Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire or Emma Stone could actually be back in Spider-Man 3 . While this possible Spider-Verse seemed like anything but a feasible idea this early in the MCU, it seems more than ever to be within reach. In the event that this direction is indeed followed by the studios, Spider-Man 3 will become an ambitious film, and especially dense in characters. The presence of all these beautiful people, which has officially added Doctor Strange, can be scary. However, if Sony and Marvel Studios make the right choices, the outcome could be what Spider-Man fans have come to expect.

Spider-Man 3 promises to be crazy! – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney See the article : Fast and Furious 10 & amp; amp; 11: The return of Dwayne Johnson in the franchise again teased by Vin Diesel?

Definitely, the number three is important for the universe of Spider-Man, and unfortunately not always for the right reasons. Spider-Man 3 , directed by Sam Raimi and released in 768, also had a tad too many characters and failed to reach the level of two previous opus. As for the saga The Amazing Spider-Man , it did not even have the chance to present a third film. It is therefore the MCU's Spider-Man who will have the heavy task of breaking this curse linked to the number three. For some, things have already started badly. Rumors about the Spider-Verse and its avalanche of characters are scary, and suggest that Spider-Man 3 could become a vector of forced fan service and nothing more.

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2 – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures

To please fans while remaining consistent with the storylines started in Spider -Man Far From Home , is this possible? Yes, as long as this multiverse makes sense, whether it's in the spider-man universe at Sony Pictures or the MCU in general. For that, he would have to have a key role in the plot, and bring something. For example, Peter Parker could call on the other Spider-Men to help him defeat his enemies in this new installment. He could also land in another universe by accident, and thus ask another Webweaver to help him return to his own reality. Having multiple universes coexist could also lead to the formation of a new team of villains like the Sinister Six, who would thus become the next threat Peter must face. In this way, the Spider-Verse would advance the Spider-Man franchise, and not just be there to please the audience.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man 3 could also be a first step towards a crossover event that would close one of the next phases of the MCU, much like Avengers Infinity War and Endgame have ended phase 3. Furthermore, it is not said that Spider-Man would interact with these other versions. Maybe he'll just be made aware of the existence of the multiverse, and only see pictures of it. If the Spider-Verse were to be confirmed, the ideal would be that the blockbuster does not give the impression of doing too much, that the presence of so many characters does not make it forget the main plot. So even if all these casting rumors have something to raise a question or two, we want to rejoice in this possibility of seeing all these beautiful people on the big screen. Who knows ? Maybe the studios will surprise us.

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