Spider-Man 3: The Return Of The Original Cast Explained Through This Amazing Comic Book?


Spider-Man 3 could take inspiration from an amazing comic book and use its story to explain the return of the original cast.

While the Spider-Verse was confirmed last year, many fans are wondering about the return of Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire and 'Emma Stone . Although the comeback of the actors of the first franchises can be explained thanks to the Multiverse, Spider-Man 3 could also have been inspired by an astonishing comic book titled Happy Birthday. Exit in 2003 in order to celebrate the 100 th edition of the spider-man comics, this never-before-seen series tells how Peter Parker joined forces with other superheroes to counter and repel Dormammu as well as the Soulless in the world. outside of New York.

When Doctor Strange arrives, the battle seems to be won, until he and Spidey are both trapped by Dormammu. Read also : Godzilla vs. Kong: this never-before-seen Monsterverse creature could be the movie's real threat. Instead of dying, they are thrown into the void between time and space, floating between the past and the distant future.

Spider-Man: Happy Birhday comic preview. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

In order to turn things around, Spider-Man will subsequently be forced to travel through several realities, then crossing into old opponents before coming back to the present and avoiding the offensive of the famous antagonist of Stephen Strange.

Good that Spider-Man 3 adapts the story of Happy Birthday , it is however not impossible that the creative teams have justified the return of Doctor Octopus in the guise of Alfred Molina or the Electro one , drawing inspiration from such a scriptwriting spring. Moreover, Doctor Strange being destined to become Peter Parker's mentor, his presence in Spider-Man 3 could also indicate the resurgence of Dormmamu, the creation of many alternate realities and a fortiori the return of the original cast. That being said and although One More Day could also serve as inspiration for the feature film, the film by Jon Watts with

Tom Holland promises to turn our brains over in any case. Roll on the first images!