Spider-Man 3: Why is Peter Parker so much debate among fans?


Fans of the Marvel universe and in particular of Spider-Man have a clear opinion on what the superhero should be.

Barely the presence of Doctor Strange in the cast of Spider-Man 3 had it been announced, that the fans were already sharing their opinions. One criticism in particular has come back a lot: unthinkable that Peter Parker would once again need a mentor to guide him. Fans of the Marvel universe are indeed rarely outdone when it comes to giving their opinion on the web weaver, on the way it is written for the cinema, or on its interpreter. They know exactly what they want, and more importantly what would be best for the character. Where does such fervor come from? We are looking at the question.

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man – Credit (s): Sony

It may be difficult to realize this since it is included in the gigantic universe that is the MCU, but Spider-Man has pretty much always been one of the mainstream's favorite superheroes . The purpose of its creation was to offer Marvel Comics readers a character they could easily relate to. Peter Parker is neither a millionaire, nor a business leader, nor a war hero, he is simply a shy teenager, gifted in science and sometimes laughed at by his comrades. His daily worries still follow him, even after he obtains his powers. We are therefore far from heroes such as Iron Man or Captain America.

Tom Holland in Spider- Man Far From Home – Credit (s): Sony

Spiderman has also been the hero of multiple different media. TV series and animated series from the years 768 and 1960, then in 1994 and in the years 2000. Above all, Spider-Man was one of the first Marvel characters to be entitled to his own trilogy. Exit between 2000 and 2002, Sam Raimi's blockbusters have more than ever marked the universe of superhero films , for both good and bad reasons. In addition to becoming iconic, the saga has allowed Spider-Man to seduce an even greater number of fans, and undoubtedly participated, if only a little, in the good start of the MCU.

The famous cartoon credits for years 1960 – Credit (s): ABC, Marvel

Then came 2012 with the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man , and its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. Two years later, it's the MCU's turn to put Peter Parker forward. Finally, in 2014 it's the Spider -Verse and Miles Morales who had their heyday. That's a lot of media for one character. The public has thus known multiple Peter Parker, all at different stages of life, written differently, and above all interpreted by different actors. So many versions that can all serve as tools of comparison. For example, outside of the MCU, Spider-Man has often, if not always, been portrayed as a hero capable of fending for himself and without a mentor.

Andrew Garfield in frank The Amazing Spiderman

However, at Marvel Studios, it seems to have trouble taking off and taking off. Conversely, some find the interpretation of Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi's trilogy much too awkward, and he prefers that of Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man . This is without counting the inevitable comparisons with the Peter Parker of the comics and the various narrative arcs reserved for him. In a way, Spider-Man “suffers” from his great popularity. At DC Comics, Superman finds himself in the same situation. The public rejects some adaptations, deemed far too far removed from what Kryptonian should be. However, there is one point on which fans of the Spider-Man, all adaptations, seem to agree: 4271368 the introduction of a Spider-Verse in Spider-Man 3 would be quite a good idea .