Spider-Man 3: will we learn that the parents of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) were agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?


We could well learn in Spider-Man 3 that Peter Parker's parents were agents of SHIELD!

Will we learn in the next Spider-Man trilogy movie as parents of Peter Parker ( Tom Holland ) were agents of SHIELD? So far, these have never appeared on the screen. The only superhero family member we've had the chance to see is Aunt May, who is likely to react badly to the Daily Bugle's accusation against Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 ! Unlike her husband, Uncle Ben, who has yet to show up in the MCU. However, in the comics, until recently, Richard and Mary were not really part of the mythology of the character, which is evolving. Indeed, today, their most commonly accepted story is that they were secret agents who died in a plane crash during a mission.

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According to the site We Got This Covered ( which, we grant you, you have to take the information with a grain of salt), this plot will be integrated into the MCU! According to their sources, Spider-Man 3 will be an opportunity to reveal to the general public that Richard and Mary Parker were in reality agents of SHIELD In comic books , Nick Fury had recruited Richard Parker within the CIA Change “CIA” to “SHIELD”, and voila … This would be an additional test for poor Peter, who would no longer know whom to trust, this one having already been betrayed several times. In any case, if this rumor is true, it would explain 4283017 the hilarious reaction of Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds) to playing the script of Spider-Man 3 !

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