Star Wars: Accidents, director changes, lynching … Is the post George Lucas era cursed?


The post-George Lucas era was marked by many addicts to Star Wars productions.

These are many film and series projects Star Wars that were advertised for 2020 and 2022 by Disney . Something to delight fans and perhaps even succeed in winning back an audience bored by the pitfalls of the latest films. However, we hope that the productions of these different projects will go off without a hitch. In fact, since George Lucas gave the keys to the franchise to Disney, there is not a movie that did not finish in the midst of the turmoil or encountered problems during its production. Awakening the Force was for example marked by an accident which could have cost the life of Harrison Ford. Result of the races, the interpreter of Han Solo had ended with a broken leg, and the director

JJ Abrams who had tried to help him had broken a vertebra.
Finn (John Boyega) in the last Star Wars trilogy – Credit (s): Disney

The Rise of Skywalker experienced not one, but two scenarios. It was first Colin Trevorrow who had stuck to it, but his script failed to convince LucasFilm. Next came J.J Abrams, who tried to make do with what he had. The result is far from having pleased fans and the two versions have been widely compared. The production of the film The Last Jedi had gone rather well, but the blockbuster ended up be completely rejected by the critics and especially by the fans of Star Wars , who went so far as to lynch director Rian Johnson for coming up with something different. The spin-offs Solo and Rogue One are not left out on the side of mishaps, with a change of director at the last minute for the first, and reshoots that completely changed the plot of the film for the second. As we can see, the post-George Lucas era is far from being an easy one. The flagship director of Star Wars has also recently explained why he refused to shoot the last trilogy .

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