Star Wars: How did Palpatine's dual identity escape the Jedi?


Palpatine may have been under the Jedi's noses for a long time, but it took a while before they figured out his plan.

In Star Wars , the link between Luke Skywalker and Dark Vader was not kept a secret from Emperor Palpatine for very long . He indeed succeeded in deducing that the apprentice Jedi and rebel who put them so sticks in the wheels was none other than the son of his protege. Conversely, the Sith Lord managed to deceive the

Jedi for many years and hide his belonging to the Dark side of the Force. Was he very skillful or did the Jedi Knights fail in their mission? Rather, it would be the first option. Palpatine was indeed so powerful that he managed to hide his ultimate goal. He was particularly gifted at apprehending the future, but also feeling the real emotions of others, in addition to knowing how to hide his own .

Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars episode III, Revenge of the Sith – Credit (s): LucasFilm On the same subject : Harry Potter: Rupert Grint (Ron) back in the franchise? The actor sows doubt.

Capabilities which allowed him to manipulate his interlocutors as he pleases, and to be in the right place at the right time. In addition to giving him a little more credibility, his political career has also allowed him to infiltrate the highest ranks of the Republic, and thus facilitate the building of a Sith empire. Another element would also have helped Palpatine achieve his ends in front of the Jedi. Screen Rant indeed reports that in the novel Tarkin , the Jedi Temple sits right above a powerful Sith artifact. It is therefore possible that this item has weakened the Light side of the Force, and therefore the powers of the Jedi. So, as Palpatine gained strength and his plan moved forward, it was simply the other way around for the defenders of the galaxy. Always about the universe

Star Wars , this time it is the mystery behind the ineffectiveness of the Stormtroopers' armor that has finally been elucidated .

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