Star Wars: Identity of Anakin Skywalker's Father Confirmed?


Star Wars

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A new book on the George Lucas saga confirms one of the biggest theories about the origins of Anakin Skywalker.

Franchise Books Star Wars often allow unravel the many mysteries surrounding the saga, such as how Palpatine understood the connection between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

. The new book titled The Star Wars Archives: 2005 – 1999 is no exception to the rule. It indeed contains new information on the making of the first trilogy, but also of the prelogy. We thus learn that the script of episode III, Revenge of the Sith , originally contained a line from Emperor Palpatine that dispelled the origins and creation of Anakin Skywalker.

Palpatine discovers Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar – Credit (s): Lucasfilm

In this scene, Darth Sidious was looking forward to the transformation of his apprentice, finalizing his switch to the Dark side. He admitted to having waited for many years for Darth Vader fulfill its destiny, and especially to have used the Force to manipulate the midi -chloriens in order to lead to the creation of the latter

. The replica was ultimately not kept in the final version, but many fans had already unraveled the mystery. In addition to telling us more about the behind the scenes of the prelogy, this new book also reveals details about

the plans George Lucas had in mind for the final trilogy Star Wars .

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