Star Wars: Luke and Anakin Skywalker are not Jedi Masters according to Lucasfilm's official definition


Luke and Anakin Skywalker are not Jedi Masters according to the official Lucasfilm definition!

Luke and Anakin Skywalker are not Jedi Masters according to the official definition of Lucasfilm ! Indeed, we learn in the book The Star Wars Book (written by Pablo Hidalgo, Dan Zehr and Cole Horton), recently published, that there is a Code governing the Order of Knights. It is a document in which each generation leaves its mark. In 900 years, there is no doubt that Yoda has had a greater impact than his colleagues! In this book, we can read that a Jedi Master is a Knight who trains his Padawan until he has the same level as him. The latter trusts him, and respects him for this teaching. However, the Padawan of Anakin and Luke Skywalker never became Knights! This should work against the universe Star Wars , including Mark Ruffalo ( Avengers Endgame ) and Pedro Pascal ( The Mandalorian ) compared the power with that of the MCU.

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Finally, wouldn't that partly explain the fact that Anakin Skywalker rocked é on the dark side in Revenge of the Sith ? One of the causes of the conflict between the young man and the Jedi Council was whether or not he was qualified to obtain the status of Master. The assembly felt that he did not control his emotions and that he was vulnerable to the influence of Emperor Palpatine! As for the future Darth Vader, these reservations probably reminded him of those his Padawan Ahsoka had to face, who had left her after being disappointed by these same people. Especially since these two characters had recently seen each other, as we could see in the animated series The Clone Wars, which could have revived old wounds! And his son Luke's first apprentice, Ben Solo, didn't become a Knight either … A myth collapses. Always on the side of Star Wars , a transgender Jedi could be introduced in the next films of the saga .

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