Star Wars, new trilogy: The origins of Count Dooku, a link with The Force Awakens, the new powers of the dark side … All the information revealed by Light of The Jedi


The release of Light of The Jedi will allow fans to discover new adventures although they have several links with the original trilogies!

While Disney and Lucasfilm have unveiled a first video teasing the next adventures of the Jedi of the High Republic, the new trilogy Star Wars continues to reveal itself thanks to the release of Light of The Jedi . Written by Charles Soule, this novel represents Phase 1 of the next films and will introduce an unprecedented generation of characters at the heart of a prosperous period, years before the events of The Phantom Menace . However, this new project will also be an opportunity to find iconic protagonists of the intergalactic universe created by George Lucas. Thus, if the spectators should discover the youth of Master Yoda, several nods could also be made to the origins of Count Dooku as well as to his importance vis-à-vis the future plan of Darth Sidious. Indeed , Light of The Jedi would have evoked the preponderance of Serenno, the home planet of the one who would later be baptized Darth Tyranus.

Count Dooku in the Star Wars prelogy. – Credit (s): Lucasfilm

Speaking of Lord Sith, the new Star Wars trilogy will probably be an opportunity to discover new faculties and terrifying of the dark side, a passage from the book by Charles Soule depicting the captivity by the Nihils of a powerful Jedi Master. During this scene, Marchion Ro, the leader of these space pirates refers to a torture chamber, the suffering and pain felt by its “tenants” then preventing the Jedi prisoner to exert his Force on his executioners. If it may seem very violent, this technique offers a new facet of

the Force, the new trilogy Star Wars having also teased the redefinition of its powers and its balance . By the way, this could also explain how Palpatine managed to reduce the power of the Jedi after the overthrow of the Order following Revenge of the Sith .

Lor San Tekka in The Force Awakens. – Credit (s): Disney / Lucasfilm

Finally and although the new trilogy appears particularly linked to the prelogy of George Lucas, To see also : Harry Potter: the first installment would have broken a record if the director had followed his original plan. Light of The Jedi could also be connected to the latest trilogy and more specifically to Force Awakens through the family San Tekka . This is not the first time that this element has been mentioned as an article had already highlighted the existence of a rich and influential group, destined to become a key element of the new trilogy. However, if the ancestors of San Tekka are presented in Charles Soule's novel as traders who communicated to the various Governments their knowledge of hyperspace routes, it should be noted that Mari San Tekka was a being sensitive to the Force, this ability transmitted subsequently to his descendants who can explain how Lor San Tekka was able to gain access to Skywalker's map and why such power could be felt on Ahch-To. That being said, the new trilogy will therefore offer many connections with the already existing Star Wars episodes. Although the production wants to offer new adventures to fans of the franchise, there is no doubt that these different winks should be able to seduce them!

Credits: Screen Rant, Cinema Blend.

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