Star Wars: The Empire of Darth Sidious, a dictatorship for the rest of this distant galaxy?


Star Wars

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According to this unpublished account, the Sith Empire founded by Palpatine in the Star Wars saga was not perceived as a dangerous authority by the whole galaxy.

While Finn (John Boyega) should have been the main hero of the last trilogy Star Wars , the first quant to her, filmed the influence of the Sith Empire led by Darth Sidious ( Ian McDiarmid ) across the galaxy. An authoritarian regime that the Resistance tried to destroy throughout the saga, the Dark Star representing an immense danger. More specifically, fans of the franchise were able to discover the damage and cruelty of which the supporters were capable of Palpatine when the planet Alderaan was destroyed. Indeed, using a simple laser beam, an entire civilization was disintegrated. However, if one would have thought that the sacrifice of these innocent people could subsequently trigger a wave of rage across the galaxy, the short story entitled Eyes of the Empire written by Kiersten White has however proven the opposite.

The destruction of Alderaan. This may interest you : Batwoman season 2: a crossover with Lucifer to be expected? – Credit (s): Lucasfilm

Here the story focuses on Maela and her mother , two droid-builders who after the Clone Wars are struggling to make ends meet. If the first hopes that by working for the Empire the latter will allow him to access a position involving more responsibilities, the second for the sake of poverty prefers to avoid the dangerousness that his activity represents vis-à-vis of his client's intentions. Points of view that appear interesting to develop, while

the Empire of Darth Sidious and the Order 30 could soon be at the heart of a spin-off Star Wars . While this project has yet to get the green light from the studios, its plot could help nuance the Empire's and its Commander's primary intentions during the Jedi Purge. An innovative way to restore the image of the franchise, in decline since the last trilogy Star Wars .

Star Wars

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