Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: J.J. Abrams' movie ignored these important messages from the Last Jedi


Unsurprisingly, The Rise of Skywalker partially ruined the script work of The Last Jedi as well as the important messages conveyed by Rian Johnson's film.

The Last Jedi as well as The Rise of Skywalker suffered mixed reviews upon release. If Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams have each taken the opposite direction of their predecessor, the last part of this trilogy has truly attempted to correct the mistakes of the episode produced before him. Whether it is the cloning of Darth Sidious, the shocking absence of Rose at the heart of the plot or even the origins of Rey, the ninth episode hoped to rectify the pull vis-à-vis the fans. However, by modifying several script elements put in place thanks to Last Jedi , L 'Rise of Skywalker also ignored several important messages, starting with the one sent by Yoda to Luke Skywalker.

Yoda alongside Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. – Credit (s): Lucasfilm

A pivotal sequence for the narrative arc of the Chosen One who then saw his master return in the form of a Force ghost. Full of meaning and rich in nostalgia, however, this scene carried a message, one that a Jedi – and in particular Rey – must learn from his mistakes. A theme that ultimately appears specific to the entire saga although The Rise of Skywalker has ruined the impact of this scene on the character played by Daisy Ridley. Indeed, when the young Jedi was faced with difficulties and possible failures, Luke's only response was ultimately to hand her a lightsaber and send her challenge Palpatine. A repetitive storytelling spring that echoes what the Jedi have attempted to accomplish throughout the franchise, as Finn (John Boyega) should have become the main hero of the last trilogy . Moreover, the diminished apprehension of the character of Rose and the central role of Rey made lose all the impact of the film of Rian Johnson while the idea of ​​sacrifice was ruined in The Ascension of Skywalker through the death of Leia and her son, Ben.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. – Credit (s): Walt Disney Company France

If for the director of To see also : Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: Anakin originally from Rey and Kylo Ren's dyad? A Couteaux Tirés , the sacrifice was not necessarily the The only answer to redemption, Rian Johnson also brought a more inclusive vision of the galaxy, whether through Rose and her sister Paige, Rey's loneliness or the end centered on the broom boy. However, The Rise of Skywalker has once again reduced the influence of The Last Jedi to through the saga by refocusing the story on the character of Daisy Ridley and making her a Palpatine and then a Skywalker. A script choice that might ironically echo that line of dialogue uttered by Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi: “Let the past die.” As what the creative teams of The Rise of Skywalker do not were not able …

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