Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: The Real Reason Palpatine Killed Rey's Parents


Palpatine had another idea in mind when he had Rey's parents killed in Star Wars!

It was THE biggest reveal of the last part Star Wars ! The Rise of Skywalker shed light on the mysterious identity of Rey's parents . Indeed, the fans will have had to wait for the release of the last chapter of J. J Abrams to learn the truth about the heroine's father. It was there that they were surprised to discover that Rey (Daisy Ridley) was actually the Emperor's granddaughter. An unprecedented turnaround that was then explained in the dedicated novel, describing the heroine's father as: “a failed Palpatine clone, an unnecessary and helpless failure that wasn't quite the same “. Still, doubt remains as to why Sith Lord Darth Sidious had Rey's parents killed. Because according to Deadline, the latter had a much more important goal in mind than that of finding the trace of his granddaughter.

Palpatine in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker – Credit (s): LucasFilm Read also : The Batman: The murder of Alfred (Andy Serkis) at the heart of the next films?

Indeed, it seems curious that Rey's parents left the girl on Jakku in an attempt at protection. And for good reason, it was also a very important planet in Palpatine's eyes, as revealed by Chuck Wendig's novel Riposte . It is indeed there that the Emperor built a secret Sith observatory which allowed him to map all the unknown regions of the galaxy, in order to then settle on Exegol to create the Last Order. According to Deadline , if Rey's father went to the only place where he could have found the coordinates of his home planet, it is no coincidence. This proves that the heroine's parents were no doubt seeking to thwart Palpatine's plans, or simply to return to Exegol to find out the truth .

Palpatine on Exegol in Star Wars 9 – Credit (s): Disney

A decision that would explain much better why they were targeted and then killed by the humanoid Ochi de Bestoon. As Luke Skywalker on his side, was also on the trail of the Sith assassin, Palpatine couldn't afford to let his clone draw attention to Jakku and risk exposing all his plans . Because even if Luke was not in possession of the precious locator, the “Wayfinder”, he could have used a rare power that his father Darth Vader possessed and which allows to “trace a path even through chaos of unknown regions “. Not wanting to take any risks, Palpatine chose to kill two birds with one stone and execute Rey's parents. 4309417 Also check out this theory which proves that Rey's father and Luke Skywalker have met before Star Wars 9 .

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