Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: Was Leia the only one capable of becoming a Jedi Master?


According to new information relayed by The Star Wars Book, Leia would be the only one of the Skywalker siblings to have been promoted to the rank of Jedi master!

While Daisy Ridley Revealed What Happened to Rey After The Rise of Skywalker , the universe around the JJ Abrams film has not finished being revealed. Eager to further contextualize the latest trilogy Star Wars

, the Disney studios have not stopped for a year to organize the continuity of the saga and its extended universe. Read also : Marvel Studios: will Captain America Civil War impact MCU Phase 4? A long-term work which as the publications allow us to learn more about the franchise but also to understand certain scriptwriting choices, the real intentions of the production vis-à-vis the narrative arc of the characters as well as the position of the latter in relation to the entire saga. This is particularly the case of Leia, who according to The Star Wars Book would have ultimately been the only one capable of becoming a Jedi master .

Rey et Leia dans Star Wars : L'Ascension de Skywalker.

Rey and Leia in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. – Credit (s): Disney

If the fans agree usually to lend this function to his twin brother, Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ), the Jedi hierarchy detailed in the book would actually like that only General Organa could have reached this quality. Indeed, according to The Star Wars Book can only be considered as a Jedi master unless a Knight has proven his ability to teach others, in other words, having taken as an apprentice a padawan and having brilliantly completed his training.

A challenge that only Leia was able to meet, Anakin having chosen to join the dark side of the Force while his son failed to train Ben Solo according to the guns erected. Conversely, the mere fact that Leia trained Rey, meanwhile now considered a Jedi Knight after the fall of Palpatine, means that the leader of the Rebel Alliance is the only Skywalker who was actually qualified to become a Jedi Master. .

A quality which could have prevented the tilting Ben Solo in the last trilogy Star Wars , or at least make it particularly difficult for Palpatine …