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That's why the Tuskens never take their masks off!

Sandmen are creatures who never take off their masks, just like Jawas always keep their face hidden under their famous hood. Star Wars conceals aliens of all kinds, which we have mostly discovered in A New Hope. This bestiary, invented in 1977 through George Lucas , continues to be supplied even today , and has not yet revealed all its secrets! Among them, the Tuskens are nomads of Tatooine, not a millimeter of their skin is exposed to the sun. Their entire body is protected by a thick brown coat, and bandages cover their heads. But why refuse to reveal their faces?

Tusken – Credit (s): LucasFilm

The Tuskens are warriors feared by the few who venture into the Tatooine Desert. Crossing their path is taking the risk of dying! Even if those who master their language, like Din Djarin, who negotiated with them in

episode 1 of season 2 of The Mandalorian (of which our review can be read here) , can hope to get out … The main characteristic of these people of the sandmen is the use of accessories which they use to protect themselves from sandstorms: a grille in front of the mouth and special sunglasses. Thus, they can survive the particular climatic conditions of their planet! A custom that ended up becoming a taboo: the Tuskens can no longer remove their mask except special occasions. A mystery finally cleared up!

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