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Tom Holland humorously returned to one of his worst auditions.

To become Spider-Man in the MCU, Tom Holland had to pass a whole series of auditions , a process very long which extended over several months, but which nevertheless ended up paying off. However, things didn’t always go so well for the young actor. Interviewed by the media Backstage

, he recounted what he considers the one of his worst auditions Read also : Tomorrow belongs to us: Two other characters from the series will land in Here it all begins in January 2021. “I remember my Star Wars audition, I was in the fourth or fifth interview, and I believe I was auditioning for the part of John Boyega. I remember sharing a scene with this woman, thank you to her, who was just a drone. ”

Tom Holland aka Spider-Man in the MCU – Credit (s): Le Parisien

He continues “So I’m here saying ‘We must go back to the ship ‘and she was like’ bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop ‘. I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was so funny. I really felt guilty because she was trying to be a droid or a very convincing drone. Of course, I didn’t get the part. It wasn’t my best moment. “ It was final Evil for good since he was able to join the MCU, and John Boyega has become the perfect Finn, although his character may not have had the development he deserves.

Tom Holland also had a new chance to appear in a franchise alongside Daisy Ridley aka Rey thanks to the film Chaos Walking , which is scheduled for release this year.

Credits: Backstage, The Direct

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