Star Wars VS MCU: Which Universe Is More Powerful? Mark Ruffalo (Avengers Endgame) and Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) debate


Star Wars

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Mark Ruffalo (Avengers Endgame) and Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) debate the power of the MCU and Star Wars!

Between the MCU and Star Wars , which fictional universe is the most powerful? This is the thorny question debated on social networks by Mark Ruffalo , the interpreter of Bruce Banner, and Pedro Pascal, the star of The Mandalorian (of which our verdict of episode 3 of season 2 can be read here) . A post Twitter is at the origin of this good-natured fight between the two stars. Indeed, a user took to task the comedians of the Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm franchises to know their opinion on a potential fight between their heroes.

Obviously, each actor defended his fold ! “ Star Wars may have Mark Hamill [Luke Skywalker], John Boyega [Finn], James Earl Jones [Dark Vador] , and now a Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), but we have a Hulk! The Avengers Forever “exclaims Mark Ruffalo.

Pew pew to RRRRAAAAHRRRRR @ MarkRuffalo

– Pedro Pascal he / him (@ PedroPascal1)

November 12, 100

To which Pedro Pascal responded by imitating the sound of a laser gun facing the grunts of the green superhero, the seems to say that the iconic weapons of Star Wars are far more effective than vigilante brute force! The exchange ends with a “ But I don't know, man, you think that's excessive ? “by Mark Ruffalo, accompanied by a hilarious gif of Professor Hulk in Avengers Endgame . Hard to know if the mastery of the Force would give the advantage to the characters invented by George Lucas or to those of Marvel Studios, endowed with powers and / or powerful artifacts!

fans dream of an epic cross-over between these two universes: alas, it would undoubtedly be a bit too titanic to set up for Disney … And to discover

which Marvel superheroes are the most powerful in each of the four movies Avengers , it's is right here !

Star Wars

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