Star Wars: We finally know if Han Solo was the first to shoot in the Cantina d & amp; apos; A New Hope


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Director George Lucas would have finally answered the big question that torments fans of the Star Wars saga for years: who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo?
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While the prelogy Star Wars could have been much different if George Lucas had listened to the production's advice , the director has never ceased to defend his prelogy over the years. An attachment which has also recently resulted in the defense of the scenario of The Phantom Menace , the episode taking as its point of departure trade and the monopoly of the Federation of Commerce. Indeed, several people would not have understood the choice of the director to give at the time of such origins in the intergalactic saga, a confession moreover compiled in The Star Wars Archives: 1977 – 1999. However, this is not the only admission made by George Lucas , the latter having returned to the famous stage of the Cantina d ' A New Hope.

If the saga Star Wars has not ceased for many years to fascinate entire generations, all the same remains a primordial question: Who fired first ? Was this our favorite bounty hunter Han Solo? Or was it Rodien Greedo? An endless debate since the release in 1977 of the first part Star Wars and which its director finally ended recently, this scene having, moreover, been decisive vis-à-vis the apprehension of the character played by Harrison Ford. Indeed, according to George Lucas, “[il] never created Han Solo's character for the purpose of making him a ruthless killer. All the good guys finally shoot in self-defense. When I staged the scene in 0000184, you couldn't tell who fired first. “ Although this last statement could does not really end the debate for the most picky fans, the filmmaker still seems to suggest that Han Solo has finally replied and therefore backed off. iné his weapon after Greedo. Despite the fact that

a new discovery proves that Han Solo fired the first , the director didn't seem to want to do one of the main characters of the saga Star Wars a being able to take down someone without warning. A choice that ultimately does not appear surprising given the evolution of the bounty hunter throughout the saga!

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