Star Wars: we finally know why the Stormtroopers are unable to aim straight


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We understand better why the Stormtroopers are so bad at shooting in Star Wars!

This is THE running gag of the franchise! Whether in the prelogy or in the latest Rian Johnson and J. J. Abrams films, the Stormtroopers have never been ditched to shoot straight. A distressing observation that did not come together with the release of the series Disney The Mandalorian . And for good reason, here again the same observation: the famous soldiers of the Empire are of nameless nullity. A surprising finding that has long questioned Starwarsians: why do Stormtroopers have two left hands? Fortunately for us, an Internet user finally found the answer to this very important question. An amazing discovery that he shared on Quora and which offers a much simpler and more obvious perspective than the previous one

theory that explained why Stormtroopers are so bad in combat in Star Wars .

La raison pour laquelle les Stormtroopers sont nuls dans Star Wars La raison pour laquelle les Stormtroopers sont nuls dans Star Wars
The reason Stormtroopers suck in Star Wars – Credit (s): 9gag

Indeed, according to the Net surfer Ben O'Neal, if the soldiers of the Empire are so incompetent it is not of their f other … but that of their helmets. Yes yes, you read that right! To support his point, the Internet user posted a photo which shows that the Stormtroppers' armor does not is absolutely not adapted to the morphology of the one who possesses it. A hypothesis moreover confirmed by the statements of Luke Skywalker in Episode IV: A New Hope. Indeed, while the latter with Han Solo escort Chewbacca to the level of detention, the Jedi disguised as a Stormtrooper exclaims in the elevator: “I don't see anything in this helmet” . Everything lights up!

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