Star Wars: Why don't the Stormtroopers' armor protect them from their opponents?


The answer to the ineffectiveness of Stormtroopers armor has been found in the Star Wars universe!

Why in Star Wars the Stormtroopers' armor does not protect them- isn't it against their opponents? Admit it, you've ever wondered why their shell white is of no use to them in the face of their enemies! A question returned to the front of the stage with The Mandalorian

season 2, including our episode 5 verdict can be read here . According to the work Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition regarding the current canon of this fictional universe , their armor is however impermeable to firearms and to most melee attacks . It protects them from blaster fire by dispersing energy, sometimes leaving them disabled – but at least alive! So what is it that in the movies, a single laser pistol shot makes a hole in their armor?

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It turns out that the standard weapons used by the Resistance can do this, even at low power. It is for this reason that the Empire made them illegal! This is also the case with Imperial blasters. On the other hand, the laser guns possessed by civilians are ineffective, which is why they are hardly ever seen on screen. Some species don't even need firearms to kill an Imperial soldier anyway, their physical strength being more than enough. This is the case of the Wookiees, these hairy colossi can neutralize or kill Stormtroopers despite their white shell! The Ewoks use their arrows to aim at the interstices between the armored parts of this protection, as we have seen in Return of the Jedi . A mystery solved … In another area, did you know that

Luke and Anakin Skywalker are not Jedi Masters according to the official definition of Star Wars ?

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