Stranger Things season 4: Finn Wolfhard (Mike) teases a very dark sequel, the death of a character to be expected?


We are not ready for season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix …

Some time after a new leak has unveiled the return of the big bad of the first episodes in season 4 of Stranger Things , this time it’s official teasing that we are offering since it comes from Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike Wheeler . We know that the shooting of the series Netflix resumed after have been stopped by the coronavirus, which means that we can start to prepare for what the sequel awaits us. And according to the young actor, Hawkins’ gang of friends will face ever more murky events, and it’s always darker plots than viewers can expect.

Mike – Credit (s ): Netflix

“Each season that goes by it gets darker and darker. Like with season 3, I was already thinking that it was very creepy and that it wouldn’t go any further. But really, season 4 is really the darkest yet. Every year the level goes up a notch. Every year it gets more funny, rather dark, sadder … it always goes further “. Does that mean that a character could die now that a theoretically dead character has been confirmed to return? It is not impossible, the series has not lost any of its heroes since the first season , and the next episodes could change all that … Until we find out,

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